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I-mu Magic Audio Frequency Singer, New Generation Audio Equipment

Inventory #: SPK-I-MU
Compatible with:

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I-mu Magic Audio Frequency Singer, New Generation Audio Equipment Features

  • **I-mu Magic Audio Frequency Singer, New Generation Audio Equipment**
    i-mu Magic Audio Frequency Singer is a fairly magic audio frequency fixture .It is quite different from the traditional ones base on electro-magnetic coils. It makes any hard surface produce euphonious musical notes, such as wood tables, glass, floor, metal surface, etc. You can hear various materials around you annotate the music quality in different sides, and you enjoy yourself in the freedom of music. The new sound principle will bring a new musical life style to you. It is inside a new revolution in the audiovisual field. i-mu Magic Audio Frequency Singer exploits new times that high quality audio equipments are joining in the trend of fashion and portability.
    i-mu is not just an audio box, it is a new stylistic product of audio frequency.

    It is very small and is used to furnish audio frequency for notebook PC, music mobile telephone, MP3, MP4, CD, palm players and other portable fixtures.

    * Input voltage(AC) 120-250V
    * Output voltage(DC) 24V
    * Static current 38MA
    * Frequency response: 70HZ-30KHZ
    * Output power: 30w

    3rd Party Review:
    By Geardiary

  • Package Content
    * 1 x i-mu Power Box
    * 1 x Wire Cable
    * 1 x Instruction Manual
    * 1 x Maintenance Card

    CD Content

    System Requirement

    * Play MP3 first,do not let the volume too loud
    * In order to enjoy high quality music you are advised to experience in the surfaces of different materials. Generally, those hard and dense materials are more sensitive to alt, such as glass, metal and marble, etc. the materials that are softer and lower density perform better in bourdon, such as wood tables, guitar, etc.
    * If the volume of your CD, MP3 is loud, the audio frequency signal will distort, and then through amplification by i-mu, the signal may distort further. So we advise you to lower the volume of sound source, and increase volume of i-mu to top, and adjust the volume of sound source to proper degree.
    * The source functional player is adopted in the first generation of i-mu, and the input voltage is 120-250VC, there fore children must be kept away from the power parts in order not to be hurt.
    * When i-mu is connected to its power box, it begins to work. Continuous work over 30 minutes heat will be produced, and this phenomenon is natural, do not worry about it.

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