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Datopal 16th Mobile Phone DUAL TWIN SIM CARD Holder - Card Cut Needed

Inventory #: SIM-HOLDER-16G-A
Compatible with:
1100 1101 1108 1110 1112 1260 1261 1600 1610 2100 2110 2112 2115i 2116i 2125 2125i 2128i 2255 2260 2270 2280 2285 2300 2310 2600 2610 2635i 2650 2652 2855 2865 3100 3105 3108 3120 3125 3128 3155 3155i 3200 3205 3210 3220 3230 3250 3285 3300 3310 3330 3350 3360 3361 3390 3410 3510 3510i 3510i 3530 3560 3570 3585 3585i 3586i 3587i 3588i 3589i 3590 3595 3600 3610 3620 3650 3660 3810 5100 5108 5110 5110i 5140 5140i 5210 5500 5510 6010 6015i 6016i 6019i 6020 6021 6030 6060 6061 6061i 6070 6080 6100 6101 6102 6102i 6103 6108 6110 6111 6125 6131 6133 6135 6136 6150 6151 6155 6165 6165i 6170 6175i 6200 6210 6210+ 6220 6225 6230 6230i 6233 6235 6235i 6236 6250 6255i 6256 6256i 6260 6265 6265i 6270 6280 6310 6310i 6340 6500 6510 6560 6585 6590 6590i 6600 6610 6610i 6620 6630 6650 6651 6670 6680 6681 6682 6708 6800 6810 6820 6822 7110 7200 7210 7250 7250i 7260 7270 7280 7360 7370 7600 7610 7650 7700 7710 810 8210 8250 8260 8265 8265i 8270 8290 8310 865i 8800 8810 8850 8855 8890 8910 8910i 9110 9210C 9210i 9300 9500 E50 E61 E70 N70 N72 N73 N80 N90 N91 N92 N93 N-Gage N-Gage QD

Apple: 1100 2100 2200 2300 3200 5100 7100 820 850 860 870 Akitv Dorado Energi K110 K404 KOI Kx440 Milan Opal Phantom Prisma Rave Slider Slider_Remix SoHo Topaz

Panasonic: A100 A102 A210 A500 CX70 GD55 GD67 GD68 GD70 GD88 GD92 GU87 sc3 X100 X11 X300 X400 X500 X60 X70 X700 X800 X88 Z800

Sony Ericsson: A2618 A2628 A3618 D750i F500 F500i J100a J200c J210i J220a J220C J230C J300 J300a J300c J300i K300 K300a K300c K300i K310C K500 K500c K500i K506c K508c K508i K510 K510a K600 K600i K608a K608i K610C K700 K700c K700i K750 K750c K750i K758C K790 K790a M600C M608C P800 P802 P900 P910 P910a P910c P910i P990C R300 R310 R520 R600 S600 S600c S600i S700 S700c S700i S710a T100 T105 T20 T200 T226 T226s T230 T237 T238 T28 T29 T290a T290C T290i T300 T310 T312 T39 T60 T600 T600 T608 T61 T610 T610NZ T618 T61ds T628 T630 T637 T68 T68i T68ie V600i V800 W300C W300i W550 W550C W550i W600 W600a W600C W600i W700C W710C W710i W712a W750 W750i W800 W800c W800i W810 W810C W810i W900 W900i Z1010 Z200 Z208 Z500 Z500a Z520 Z520a Z520C Z520i Z525a Z530C Z600 Z700 Z710i Z800 Z800i

Sanyo: 200 2300 4700 4900 4920 5000 5100 5150 5300 5400 5500 5600 7200 7300 7400 8100 8200 8300 8400 9000 MM-5600 MM-7400 MM-7500 MM-8300 MM-9000 PL-8200 PM-200 PM-8200 RL2000 RL2500 RL4920 RL-4930 RL-7300 SCP-200 SCP-4900 SCP6000 SCP7200 SCP-7200 VI-2300 VM4500 VM4500/5500

Alcatel: 153 155 156 320 331 331a 332 356 535 556 557a 565 735 735i 756 757 835 C651 E252

Motorola: A1200 331g 331t 659 A1000 A1010 A220 A388 A630 A668 A732 A760 A768i A780 A830 A835 A840 A845 A848 A860 A925 C115 C155 C200 C205 C2288 C230 C250 C261 C289 C300 C330 C331 C332 C332t C333 C333c C336 C343 C350 C350 C350g C353 C353t C3690 C370 C380/C385 C390 C450 C510 C550 C650 C680 C975 C980 D307 E1 E1000 E1060 E1120 E2 E3 E310 E310 E360 E365 E375 E378i E380 E390 E398 E398i E550 E680 E680i E770V E790 E815 E895 i205 i305 i530 i560 i760 i850 i860 L2000 L6 L7 M1000 M800 M900 MPX MPX100 MPX200 MPX220 P280 PEBL-U6 SLVR-17 T189 T190 T260 T280 T720 T720c T720I T721 T722I T725 T725e T730 T731 U6 V1000 V1050 V1150 V120 V120c V120e V120x V150 V171 V176 V180 V180 V186 V188 V200 V2088 V220 V220 V235 V260 V262 V265 V266 V270 V276 V280 V290 V291 V295 V3 V300 V303 V323 V325 V330 V360 V361 V3688 V3C V3I V3x V400 V400p V500 V505 V525 V535 V540 V550 V551 V555 V557 V560 V6 V600 V600 V60i V60p V60s V620 V620 V635 V65p V66 V660 V66i V690 V70 V70g V710 V750 V8 V80 V8088 V810 V872 V878 V975 V980 V998 V998+ V998C

Philips: 162 362 655 760 766 868 9@98 9A9 PH330 PH350 PH355 PH530 PH535 PH550 PH568 PH630 PH636 PH639 PH659 PH755 ph759 PH855 PH859

Audiovox: 7900 8300 8400 8410 8450 8500 8600 8610 8615 8900 8910 8912 8920 8930 8940 9500 9900 PM-8920 PPC4100 PPC6601 SMT5600 XV6600

Mitsubishi: M21i M320 M341i M342i M420i M430i

Sharp: GX1 GX10 GX12 GX15 GX20 GX21 GX25 GX30 GX30i GX32

Samsung: A220 A310 A520 A530 A539 A540 A561 A565 A599 A600 A601 A610 A620 A630 A650 A660 A670 A680 A690 A740 A770 A790 A800 A809 A840 A880 A890 A900M C100 C120 C200 C200n C207 C208 C225 C228 C230 C300 D100 D108 D357 D410 D410 D418 D488 D500 D500E D500S D508 D520 D600 D600E D720 D730 D800 D820 D828 D830 D840 D900 E100 E300 E310 E316 E318 E330 E340 E350 E370 E400 E410 E530 E560 E600 E608 E610 E620 E630 E635 E700 E705 E710 E715 E720 E730 E750 E760 E770 E800 E820 E850 E880 i300 i500 i530 i600 i700 i730 N181 N182 N195 N270 N330 N356 N361 N362 N600 N620 P100 P107 P108 P207 P400 P408 P510 P730 P777 P920 S100 S105 S200 S208 S300 S307 S308 S341i S342i S400i S500 S500i SGH-A707 SGH-D900 T100 T108 T309 T319 T400 T500 T519 V200 V205 V206 V208 V360 VGA1000 VI600 VI660 X100 X105 X110 X120 X138 X199 X209 X219 X250 X290 X308 X319 X339 X350 X359 X400 X426 X427 X428 X430 X450 X458 X460 X470 X475 X480 X495 X497 X500 X559 X600 X609 X620 X630 X640 X659 X660 X670 X680 X700 X800 X810 X900 Z105 Z107 Z130 Z300 Z320i Z500 Z510 Z540 zm60

Sagem: MYC-3B MYC-4 MYG-5 MYV-55 MYV-65 MYV-75 MYX-5 MYX-6 MYX-7 MYX-8

Pantech: C300 CB100 CF100 G200 G300 G310 G500 G600 G6100 G670 G700 G800 G8000 G900 GB100 GB200 GB300 GF100 GF200 GF500 GF600 GI100 PG1200 PG1210 PG1400 PG1410 PG3000 PG3200 PG3210 PN820

LG: 8380 8390 A7110 A7150 AX5000 B1300 B2000 B2100 BX5450 C1100 C1200 C1300 C1400 C1500 C2000 C2200 C3100 C3300 C3320 C3400 CG225 CU6060 CU6160 CU6260 CU8080 CU8180 CU8188 CU8280 E7200 E9100 E9200 F1200 F2100 F2250 F2300 F2400 F2410 F3000 F7100 F7250 F9100 G1500 G1600 G1610 G1700 G1800 G3000 G3100 G4015 G4020 G4050 G5100 G5200 G5210 G5220C G5300 G5300i G5310 G5400 G5410 G5500 G7000 G7020 G7030 G7050 G7070 G7100 G7120 G7200 G8000 KG800 L1100 L1150 L1200 L1300 L1400 L1400i L2200 L3100 LX1200 LX5350 LX5450 LX5550 M4300 M4330 M4400 M4410 MG800 MM-535 MX5450 MX6000 P7200 PM-225 PM-325 T5100 U8100 U8110C U8120 U8120C U8130C U8138 U8138C U8150 U8150C U8180 U8180C U8200 U8290C U8330C U8360 U8380 U8500 U8550 UX4750 VI-125 VI5225 VX 8000 VX10 VX2000 VX3100 VX3200 VX3300 VX4400 VX4400b VX4500 VX4600 VX4650 VX4700 VX5200 VX5400 VX6000 VX6100 VX7000 VX8100 VX8300 VX8500 VX8600 VX9800 W3000 W5200 W7000 W7020 W800

NEC: 232E 535 802 C616v DB7000 e101 e228 e232 e238 e313 e525 e530 e540/n411i e606 e616 e808 e808y N100 N109 N110 N150 N160 N200 N21i N223i N22i N331i N341i N342i N400i N401i N410i N500 N600 N610 N620 N630 N700 N710 N820 N830 N840 N900 N900iG N910 N920 N923 N940

Siemens: A55 A56 A57 A60 A62 A65 A70 A75 AX75 C55 C60 C61 C62 C65 C66 C70 C71 C72 C75 CC75 CF110 CF62 CF62T CF63 CFX65 CL75 CT56 CT66 CX65 CX70 CX75 M55 M56 M60 M65 M75 MC60 S55 S56 S57 S65 S66 S75 SF65 SFG75 SG75 SK65 SL55 SL56 SL57 SL65 SL75 SP65 ST55 ST60 SX1 SXG75

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Datopal 16th Mobile Phone DUAL TWIN SIM CARD Holder - Card Cut Needed Features
*** Datopal 16th Mobile Phone DUAL TWIN SIM CARD Holder-Cut Card Needed***
Latest SIM card holder with card cutting- Featuring brand new dual operation menu mode.(007 special shortcut mode and STK graphics mode). This 16th generation SIM card holder is the latest and most stable SIM card holder that ever been released in the market so far. Crafted with leading SIM card communication technology. Intended to deliver to most possible computability with GSM or 3G-USIM mobile phone. Incorporate dual operation model (Maintain original SIM card STK menu function and special 007 shortcut menu mode). Ultra slim design with innovated IC guarantees stable performance to host two cut SIM chips, It's size as a standard SIM card, fits standard mobile phone SIM slot perfectly.


* Two SIM cards in one phone
* Special double modes function
* Invisible number-Temporary not connected function
* Money saving IP dialing device, intelligent identification on condition set in advance.
* Extended support to multi-SIM card
* Maintain original SIM card STK menu function.
* Two SIM auto switch on-line, can set the auto-switch time freely.
* Display the on-line number in screen.
* Keep call records function.
* Support GSM and 3G-USIM card.
* Language: English, Chinese

Installation procedure

1. Please tear out the sticker(The two center lines of the sticker are made according to international standard). Please paste the sticker on the up side(the metal side), the two center lines of the sticker must be covered on the two center lines of the SIM card.
2. Finishing the above steps, please cut down the SIM card along the black line of the sticker by scissor. At last, please remember to take off the sticker.
3. Put this two SIM card in the cord card, then fit it with the stainless channel steel, last install it to SIM card space.
4. Put the new MAGICSIM into the mobile phone SIM place.


1. When use the dual SIM card, please handle the function after finish reading the message and phone book. So that Magic SIM card works properly. (For example, when you operate the computer, if you run other functions before the computer finish it's initialization, the computer will halt, the same in Magic dual SIM card.)
2. The video call, internet function will temporarily unavailable when use this product. When work with the 3G mobiles. Please set the Network status to [Auto Select] or [GSM+3G] mode.
3. A few mobiles do not with NO hide function, please turn it off.
4. A few mobiles do not work with 007 mode, please select standard STK menu mode.
5. If there is no system signal. It won't switch under 007 model, please operate with following instructions: save the corresponding code to the SIM card- Please first select SIM card. as the phone number memory. E.g. save "001" to the phone book on SIM card. It will switch to SIM-1. Other operation can be done in the same manner.
6. The temporary not connect function will be unavailable if under 007 mode.

Package Content
* 1 x 16th generation SIM holder with card cutting
* 1 x Manual
* 1 x Steel cover
* 2 x Sticker

CD Content

System Requirement


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