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i-Wrist Free Talker Walkie-Talkie

Inventory #: OTH-RD-820
Compatible with:

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i-Wrist Free Talker Walkie-Talkie Features
***FreeTalker, Handsfree Wristwatch Walkie-Talkie***
Christmas is always the time of year which is considered as the best opportunity to show your
appreciation and give something special to loved one.

The FreeTalker Wristwatch Walkie-Talkie is fabulous Christmas gift, which intended to create joy of lifeand instant lasting happiness. It's one of the smart and smallest handsfree watch walkie-talkie with a unique hand-flexing operation feature. The lightweight and compact wrist watch walkie-talkie can be operated conveniently with a simple flex of you wrist.

It is an ideal device for you to stay connected with you family and friends indoor or outdoor. Even if both of your hands are engaged in other activities, e.g. cooking or driving.


* Flex and talk operation
* Wrist watch style in smart fashion
* Multi channels(22 Channels)
* Up to 2.5KM communication range
* Auto squelch
* Channel scan
* Auto battery saving
* Internal VOX
* Digital volume control
* 12 hours AM\PM time display
* Backlight for LCD display
* Lithium-ion battery with charger


* Power source: 3.6V Lithium-ion battery
* Output power(TX): 03W ERP maximum
* Battery life: Varies per user
* Range: About 2.5 KM
* Channel and Frequency(Mhz) chart(for US and Canada)
Channels 1 thru 14 transmit on FRS frequencies.
Channels15 thru 22 transmit on GMRS frequencies.
GMRS emergency channel 462.6750Mhz
The maximum transmission range will vary depending on
terrain and environment.
Channel Frequency(Mhz)
1 462.5625
2 462.5875
3 462.6125
4 462.6375
5 462.6625
6 462.6875
7 462.5625
8 467.5625
9 467.5875
10 467.6125
11 467.6375
12 467.6625
13 467.6875
14 467.7125
15 462.5500
16 462.5750
17 462.6000
18 462.6250
19 462.6500
20 462.6750
21 462.7000
22 462.7250


The maximum communication range varies based on the terrain and environment. It will
generally be greater in the open fields and shorter within and around buildings or lager
structures. Bear in mind that this unit may not ensure your privacy of communication.

Package Content
* 2 x Wristwatch Walkie-talkie
* 2 x Rechargeale Lithium Ion battery
* 2 x Charger
* 2 x Headset
* 1 x Manual

CD Content

System Requirement


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